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Credential Format Comparison Special Interest Group (SIG)

This SIG is dedicated to maintaining information about available credential formats for the benefit of OWF projects and the wider community. The topic is more complex than one might assume on first sight, since there are more than 14 formats for representing digital credentials and most of those formats can be combined with different signature algorithms, ways to represent cryptographic keys (with alone more than a hundred DID methods), status management methods, trust management methods and so on.

There is pre-existing work started at Internet Identity Workshop (IIW 34, Spring 2022) and extended and augmented during Rebooting the Web of Trust (RWOT-XI, The Hague, Sept 2022).

It consists of a “credential format comparison matrix”, containing information about the technical options in the different dimensions (formats, signature algorithms, …) as well as known credential profiles, i.e. concrete combinations used in implementations and an article explaining the “matrix”.

This SIG was accepted by the TAC on May 31, 2023. See Credential Format Comparison SIG Proposal for more details.


This SIG is an open group. Anyone in the OpenWallet Foundation community can join and participate. There is no formal sign up process. Just show up and participate.

If you are interested in participating, please join the OpenWallet Foundation Discord and participate in the discussion in the #credential-format-comparison-sig channel.