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Paid Tooling Policy

OpenWallet Foundation (OWF) provides a number of paid developer tools for projects. Below, we list the ones that our projects currently have access to and are supported by the OWF staff. We emphasize that just because a tool is not on this list does not mean projects cannot use it; it just means that the project maintainers may have to support it themselves and may need to pay for the tooling. The Governing Board has final say over the budget for tooling and its support.

OWF recommends the following tools that should be optimal for most projects:

  • Technical Documentation: markdown, GitHub pages, and Material for MkDocs.

  • Informal documentation and details (e.g. meeting notes, meeting agendas, long-term planning documentation, etc.): GitHub

  • CI: GitHub Actions

  • Artifact Storage: GitHub Packages

  • Communication: Discord

  • Bug Tracking: GitHub Issues and GitHub Projects

  • Mailing Lists:

  • Meetings: Zoom via LFX Meetings

Finally we emphasize that this list does not cover security-related tools or services.