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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


TAC Voting Members

  • Jeremie Miller
  • Pete Cooling
  • Stavros Kounis
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Troy Ronda
  • Wenjing Chu

Action Items

Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements

    • Credential Format Comparison SIG will meet on Wednesdays at 4pm CEST on alternate weeks to the TAC
    • OID4VC Due Diligence task force will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 5pm CEST
    • Architecture SIG meets weekly on Mondays at 11am US/Pacific
    • Farmworker Wallet OS repositories created
    • Project pages created for each approved project on the TAC website
    • Slide deck available covering the OWF Project Proposal Process
  • Review action items from last meeting

    • Continue to work on budget line items -- all
    • Jorge to update code of conduct on Farmworker Wallet OS proposal -- completed
    • Create repositories for the Farmworker Wallet OS Lab -- completed
    • Share document with governance best practices -- completed
    • Comment on OWF Project Guidance - all
  • Budget Request to Governing Board

    • Sponsorship of Material for MkDocs to obtain access to the Insiders Version at $125/month to support the TAC website
    • Wiki
      • Options:
        • Dokuwiki is currently included in our current LFIT budget
        • Confluence would be an additional $800/month
        • Continue utilizing GitHub wiki
        • Update the TAC website as necessary
      • Discussion:
        • Confluence is nice to allow for the ability to search across the entire foundation
        • Consider the migration costs
        • Confluence has a lot of nice features that GitHub wiki and Dokuwiki do not have
        • It is easier to bring markdown files into Confluence than to export to markdown
        • Most documentation for projects will be captured within projects as markdown files and hosted using something like or GitHub Pages
        • We do not currently have anyone that is asking for Confluence
        • If we sponsor Material for Mkdocs insiders version, then all OpenWallet Foundation projects will be able to utilize
      • Outcome: We will postpone asking for budget until we have a need
    • License Scanning
      • Another project within the Linux Foundation cost is $65,000/year
      • We should ask for this as it allows us to remain compliant with the open licenses
    • Package Hosting - GitHub? Is there a package hosting solution for all technologies that exists?
      • (GitHub Packages) is free for all public GitHub repositories – recommend we start there
      • Support for Package Registries
      • The only thing that we have currently that is not supported by GitHub Packages is Python
    • Playground/Sandbox Hosting
      • We do not yet have a price for this, but following are some of the things that we could see needing a sandbox
        • Accessing server-side APIs
        • Deployment of server-based reference wallet
        • Interop testing
        • Reference implementation of data objects that a wallet contain - example VC issuance and verification
      • Harm mentioned that he has some information on the infrastructure costs for hosting the European Interoperability Test Bed, which was presented to the architecture SIG on March 27, 2023. Harm will provide information on these costs
      • Harm is also interested in bringing the Interoperability Test Bed as a project to the OWF
    • DevSecOps
      • The Linux Foundation is recommending that projects use GH Actions
      • Automated security/code scanning
      • SonarQube - Static code analysis
  • OWF Project Governance Guidance

    • Request to review, add comments and feedback
    • David Alexander recommended that we include information about momentum and duty of care and working across the foundation
    • Stavros asked if a TSC is required for projects
      • No, a TSC is not mandatory. The idea is that if a project gets big enough where all the maintainers cannot get together easily and make decisions, more governance framework is needed, and this is the way to go in that case.
      • As such, we should make sure that this document provides the right level of guidance for projects at different stages in their lifecycle
  • Call for code from the community

    • If you know of any potential projects that might be of interest to the OpenWallet Foundation, please let a staff member know so that they can follow up
    • Next time we meet, we will be reviewing the VC-API prject proposal
  • Open discussion and next steps

    • Next meeting is September 6, 2023