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Special Interest Group

A special interest group (SIG) under the Technical Advisory Council (TAC) is a group with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning, or technology related to the mission of the OpenWallet Foundation where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field. Unlike a task force, SIGs are typically long running and may or may not produce any deliverables. A SIG can be created by anyone in the OpenWallet Foundation community and must be proposed to and approved by the TAC.

Propose a Special Interest Group

To propose a special interest group, create an issue in the TAC GitHub repository using the Special Interest Group template. The issue should be named "Special Interest Group Proposal: \<name of special interest group>". The issue should include the following information:

  • Introduction/background material
  • Objectives of the special interest group
  • List of deliverables or work products (optional)
  • Leader(s)
  • Initial participant list

Approval Process

The TAC will review the special interest group proposal first by providing comments in the issue and secondly by bringing the special interest group proposal to a discussion and vote in a TAC meeting.

The decision of the vote will be documented in the issue. If the special interest group is approved, a discussion channel in Discord will be created. In addition, we will work with the OpenWallet Foundation operations team to schedule a meeting on the OpenWallet Foundation calendar. If necessary, a GitHub repository and/or mailing list will also be created at the request of the special interest group leader(s).

Special Interest Group Procedures

The special interest group can decide on the mechanism for running the SIG. Meeting minutes and a log of decisions that have been made should be kept for ensuring continuity of the special interest group. The special interest group should update the issue to reflect where the meeting notes and log of decisions is kept or use the issue directly to capture this information.

Reporting on Special Interest Group Activities

Every quarter the special interest group leader should report on the activities of the SIG at a TAC meeting. This will ensure that the SIG is still active and that there is still value in hosting the special interest group. Please see the schedule for when these updates should occur.