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Archiving Inactive Repositories

OpenWallet Foundation very much appreciates the contributions of the community; however, it is important to archive source repositories that have become inactive in order to ensure that others in the community are not using code or reporting issues on a repository that is not being maintained.

Any repository that has not had a release for 12 months or that has had no commits for 6 months may be archived.

Projects will be notified via a PR in the appropriate repository, as well as a notice in the project appropriate Discord channel and mailing list, if they exist.

Generally speaking if the project's maintainers request to keep the repository active, the request will be honored. However if the repository has a lot of out of date dependencies, particulaly ones relating to security vulnerabilites, this request may not be honored.

A request by the project's maintainers to un-archive a repository for the purposes of active contribution will be honored, unless the project is in an emeritus stage. In those cases the project lifecycle issues will need to be resolved first.