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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


TAC Voting Members

  • Jeremie Miller
  • Pete Cooling
  • Stavros Kounis
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Troy Ronda
  • Wenjing Chu

Action Items

  • Develop list of budget line items needed by the TAC
  • Work with Jorge on the item of whether aries-sdk-mendix makes sense within Hyperledger

Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements

  • Review action items from last meeting

  • Materials for MkDocs Insiders version

    • RESOLVED: That the TAC recommends to the Governing Board the sponsorship of Material for MkDocs to obtain access to the Insiders Version is hereby confirmed, approved, and adopted.
      • Proposed resolution was not voted on. It was suggested that we develop a proposal that would include other tools that the technical community would need to limit the number of requests to the Governing Board.
  • Farmworker Wallet OS project proposal

    • Discussion items
      • Code of Conduct
        • plan to change to use OWF’s CoC
        • we may need to consider changing the template since it asks for the current CoC
      • License
        • change to use Apache 2.0 license
      • Project Governance
        • no change needed at this point
      • Repo names
        • Discussion was had to make sure that we are prefixing repo names with the project name to ensure that it is easy for someone to find all repos associated with a single project
      • Interoperable roadmap
        • No limit on what will be supported
      • Hosting Aries-specific stuff at OWF
        • TAC considers wrappers of other projects to be better suited to be included with the parent project
        • Tracy to work with Jorge on creating a lab proposal for Hyperledger for the Aries-specific wrappers
        • Jorge to update proposal to reflect the above recommendation
  • Call for code from the community

    • If you know of any potential projects that might be of interest to the OpenWallet Foundation, please let a staff member know so that they can follow up
  • Open discussion and next steps

    • Next meeting is August 9, 2023