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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


TAC Voting Members

  • Jeremie Miller
  • Pete Cooling
  • Stavros Kounis
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Troy Ronda
  • Wenjing Chu

Action Items

Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements

    • Credential Format Comparison SIG will meet on Wednesdays at 4pm CEST on alternate weeks to the TAC
    • OID4VC Due Diligence task force will meet weekly on Wednesdays at 5pm CEST
    • Architecture SIG meets weekly on Mondays at 11am US/Pacific
    • Invitation to fully remote ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 17 18013-7 Interoperability Event
    • For Associate non-profit members of the OpenWallet Foundation: voting is now open to select the Associate Representative for the Governing Board. Please email if you have any questions about your organization's participation in this vote.
  • Review action items from last meeting

  • Vice Chair

    • RESOLVED: That the voting schedule for vice chair is hereby revised, approved, and adopted as specified.
      • Revised voting schedule
        • Call for nominations: July 12
        • End of call for nominations: August 2, Noon PT
        • A ballot will be distributed on: August 2 by end of day PT
        • The election will be completed on: August 8, Noon PT
        • Election results are announced at the August 9 meeting
      • Unanimously approved by the present TAC voting members.
  • Farmworker Wallet OS project proposal

    • Video shared on Discord
    • Question asking for clarification of the scope of the contribution
    • Concerns raised about the licensing terms of the generated output from Mendix
      • Mendix does not make any intellectual property claims on the output
    • Question raised about the proposed license that will need to be run past LF legal and the Governing Board
    • Need to consider naming of the repos to ensure that it allows people to determine that they are part of the same project
    • Question raised about the difference between the Aries SDK proposed to be part of this project and the one in Hyperledger
      • The one in this project is a wrapper around the SDK in Hyperledger that can be used by Mendix developers
    • Continue conversation on the pull request
  • Call for code from the community

    • If you know of any potential projects that might be of interest to the OpenWallet Foundation, please let a staff member know so that they can follow up
  • Open discussion and next steps

    • Next meeting is July 26, 2023