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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


TAC Voting Members

  • David Zeuthen
  • Jeremie Miller
  • Pete Cooling
  • Stavros Kounis
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Drummond Reed (alternate for Troy Ronda)
  • Wenjing Chu

Action Items

  • Conduct email vote on the Intellectual Property Policy
  • Add project page for the Wallet Framework .NET project
  • Work with Sebastian to transfer Wallet Framework .NET project code to OWF
  • Review, comment, and add feedback to Android Identity Library project proposal - all

Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements

    • Credential Format Comparison SIG meets bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 4pm CEST on alternate weeks to the TAC (next call October 11)
    • OID4VC Due Diligence task force meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 5pm CEST (next call October 24)
    • Architecture SIG meets weekly on Mondays at 11am US/Pacific (next call October 16)
    • Please submit any code proposals using the process defined at openwallet-foundation/project-proposals. We will review proposals in the order submitted at a TAC meeting. If you know of any potential projects that might be of interest to the OpenWallet Foundation, please let a staff member know so that they can follow up.
    • Pre-IIW Developer Face-to-Face October 9
  • Review action items from last meeting

  • Project Proposal - Wallet Framework .NET

    • RESOLVED: That the Wallet Framework .NET proposal is hereby confirmed, approved, and adopted.
      • Unanimously approved by the present TAC voting members.
  • Project Proposal - Android Identity Library

  • Intellectual Property Policy

    • Apache 2.0 for source code
    • CC-BY-4.0 for documentation
    • Allowed Third Party License Policy
    • Open Standards and Specifications
    • RESOLVED: That the proposed Intellectual Property Policy will be forwarded to the Governing Board for consideration.
      • Conduct an email vote
  • Open discussion and next steps

    • Discussion regarding conflict of the Safe Wallet SIG with other meetings
    • Standing agenda items that we might want to add:
      • Socialization of what others in the community are doing
      • Project, SIG, Task Force updates
    • Next meeting is October 20 2023