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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


Action Items

Meeting Minutes

  • Review action items from last meeting
    • Tracy to rename the architecture-task-force GitHub repo to architecture-sig - completed
    • Jenn to rename the meeting invite for the Outside Architecture Special Interest Group to reflect that the name should be the Architecture SIG - completed
    • Jenn to add Stavros to the TAC meeting invite - completed
    • Jenn to add Jeremie to the TAC meeting invite - completed
    • Create a GitHub organization (openwallet-foundation-labs) to host incoming labs - completed
  • Priorities
    • Projects
      • Pipeline of projects
      • Getting a method of tracking and accessing projects
      • Rule book / guide on the evaluation process and criteria for new projects
      • Technical Focus
        • Cloud based, edge based, and hybrid wallets
        • Common components for wallets
        • Specific components for money, identity, and object wallets
    • Collaboration between OWF and European Commission
      • Tracking changes in the next European Digital Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF) and making sure it lines up with OWF thinking
      • Maintaining dialog and exploring alignment
  • Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) updates
    • Topics on digital wallets, credentials, and interoperability
    • Sessions on EUDI and the ARF
    • A number of OpenWallet topics will be discussed on day 2 and 3
    • Discussions about the Linux Foundation Trust umbrella
  • Call for code from the community
    • Completing the assessment framework may allow people to better understand what type of projects should be considered for contribution
  • Next steps
    • Next meeting is May 3, 2023