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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.





  • TAC Charter
  • TAC Chair Election
    • Tracy Kuhrt is running unopposed – will move to email vote to formalize
  • Composition
    • Accenture - Tracy Kuhrt
    • Futurewei - Wenjing Chu
    • Gen Digital - Drummond Reed
    • Visa - Marie Austenaa
    • “at large” representative #1 appointed by vote of the TAC
    • “at large” representative #2 appointed by vote of the TAC
    • one representative appointed by the technical oversight body (e.g., a technical steering committee) of each TAC Project
  • Call for Code
  • Governance rules
  • Open Discussion
    • The Governing Board met yesterday and appointed Daniel Goldscheider as Interim Executive Director. Daniel introduced himself and provided his thoughts on the future of OWF.
    • A suggestion was made for a landscape review. A comment was made that that work has begun here.