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These meetings are covered by the Antitrust Policy and the Code of Conduct.


  • Announcements
  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Project Annual Reviews
    • SD-JWT Kotlin Annual Review
  • Discuss approval process for SIG output
  • TAC Goals 2024
  • Open discussion and next steps

TAC Voting Members

  • David Zeuthen
  • Jaehoon (Ace) Shim
  • Rolson Quadras
  • Stefan Kauhaus (alternate for Pete Cooling)
  • Stavros Kounis
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Wenjing Chu

Action Items

  • Reach out to Fabian regarding new maintainership of sd-jwt-kotlin - Sean
  • Document process for SIG output approvals
  • Create a presentations Drive folder for uploading OWF presentations from the community - Sean
  • Create a page on the TAC site as an index for the presentations in the above Drive folder - Tracy

Meeting Minutes

  • Announcements

  • Review action items from last meeting

  • Project Annual Reviews

    • SD-JWT Kotlin Annual Review - On hold until conversation with Fabian
  • Discuss Approval Process for SIG output

    • Discussed the need for documenting and understanding the ambition of the SIG during the initial proposal process. Will the SIG want to publish documents that represent the views of the OWF, the views of the entire wallet ecosystem, or some other level
    • Anything that is published from OWF SIGs will be presumed to speak on behalf of the OWF.
    • Document types of approvals that have been obtained by the document. Example from OIDF
    • Best practice is to include a "Terms of Use" section in the output. See Terms of Use section in ToIP document for an example
  • Review TAC Goals 2024

    • Discussed the TAC Goals for 2024.
      • List of events for next year -- include in the #events channel on Discord
        • This has been pretty opportunistic so far
      • Creating a resource of slides that others have presented at conferences to present OWF
        • Discussed creating a Drive folder for the community to upload their presentation along with an index on the TAC website for people to update with information about the presentations uploaded.
      • Challenge: helping projects collaborate and work with one another
        • Identify projects with similar goals and bring the projects together in a group to discuss opportunities for collaboration and interoperability testing.
        • Understanding which projects use each other.
        • Newsletter similar to Hyperledger's /dev/weekly newsletters
      • Engaging with the EUDI and bringing projects into OWF
        • Hosted workshop with EUDI
      • Interoperability is a topic for us to focus on next year. Not just for the same protocols, but also across protocols.
        • Discussed possibility of holding Inter-op-athons.
        • Torsten mentioned that it would be good for OWF to work with the OID4VP/VC conformance test teams.
        • Wenjing mentioned that interoperability is more than just at the protocol level, we should also be thinking about global interoperability.
        • Should consider an interopability landscape assessment.
      • Publish a white paper documenting our overall architectural considerations for open wallets (started already in the Architecture SIG)
  • Open discussion and next steps